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Each issue of ACS Case Reviews in Surgery will highlight a case report that is hand-selected by Editor in Chief Gerald Isenberg, MD, FACS, FASCRS, for its uniqueness and significant contributions in advancing the field of surgery and the current surgical literature.

August 2018 (V2N1)

An Unusual Case of Fibromatosis of the Breast with Numerous Intraductal Papillomas

Yitian Liu, MD; George Thomas Budd, MD; and Mita Patel, MD

Fibromatosis, a benign desmoid tumor of the breast, is a rare diagnosis that constitutes less than 0.2 percent of all primary breast tumors. Even rarer is fibromatosis with numerous intraductal papillomas. The following Liu et al case report discusses the complexities of appropriate workup as well as management of this disease in a previously healthy 18‐year‐old woman. To date, no report of intraductal papillomas within the fibromatous tissue, as presented in this case, has been published.