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Eleanor K. Grimm Resources

E.K.Grimm ACS History Notebooks
This archival description describes and inventories the great contribution and accomplishment of Miss Grimm in creating the 26-volume typescript of her recollections of American College of Surgeons (ACS) history, in preparation for the semi-centennial of the College in 1963. She was commissioned by the Board of Regents to do this work in 1953, two years after her retirement from the ACS, and she completed the task in December 1957.

E.K. Grimm Personal Papers
This archival description itemizes the Personal Papers of Eleanor Grimm, donated to the ACS Archives by her family between 2008 and 2010. The contents of Boxes 2, 3, and 4, as listed in the archival description, contain her retirement scrapbooks which are here available in PDF format. Each of the three scrapbooks, full of images and personal correspondence with many of the founders and leaders of the ACS from 1913 into the 1950s, has been divided into roughly 50-page segments. The archival description serves as an itemized list of all her correspondents and is searchable.

Scrapbook 1, page 1-55, Joy of Living images, ACS staff and miscellaneous
Scrapbook 1, page 56-110, Tarnowsky & Martin to Allen, Arthur
Scrapbook 1, page 111-175, Balfour to Borne
Scrapbook 1, page 176-246, Bowman, John (incl. Martin Bowman corres.)
Scrapbook 1, page 247-303, Bruce to Coller

Scrapbook 2, page 1-26, Coller to Corrigan
Scrapbook 2, page 27-124, Crile, George
Scrapbook 2, page 125-166, Crowell to Estes
Scrapbook 2, page 167-219, Foss to Gillies
Scrapbook 2, page 220-275, Graham, Evarts (incl. Blalock)
Scrapbook 2, page 276-327, Grayson to Herrera Vegas
Scrapbook 2, page 328-357, Higgins to Kahlke
Scrapbook 2, page 358-396, Kanavel, Allen B.
Scrapbook 2, page 397-450, Koch, Sumner
Scrapbook 2, page 451-471, Lehman to Martin, Edward

Scrapbook 3, page 1-65, Mason to Maynard
Scrapbook 3, page 66-106, Mayo to MacKenzie
Scrapbook 3, page 107-156, McIntire to North (incl. Murphy donations)
Scrapbook 3, page 157-211, Ochsner to Rankin
Scrapbook 3, page 212-251, Ravdin to Smith
Scrapbook 3, page 252-297, Heine poem to Sullivan
Scrapbook 3, page 298-317, Sulzman to Wright