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RAS-ACS Grand Rounds Webinar Series

Learn new strategies and tools with relevant topics in less than 60 minutes.

ACS webinars are for young surgeons who are starting their practice in private or academic surgical medicine. Take a deep dive into career path choices and strategies, best practices for navigating the career ladder, and managing personal life and wellness.

The webinars are presented live by subject matter experts and accessible to you free of charge. Enjoy interaction with the presenter in a live format or view the webinar later whenever your schedule permits. These brief, yet extremely informative, web-based educational sessions are accessible for one year after the event.

Upcoming Webinars

Saju Joseph, MD, FACS

Coaching and Mentoring in the Digital Age: Growing Expertise with YouTube

Presented by Saju Joseph, MD, FACS
Monday, July 16, 2018
6:00–7:00 pm (CST)

Technology and learning are developing at a rapid pace, while surgical training remains antiquated. Residents and medical students are learning in new ways that do not rely on structured didactic lectures and long hours of studying from books. This webinar will teach surgeons how residents learn, explain how the environment affects learning, and discuss novel techniques to train residents in the digital age.

William Hope, MD, FACS

Developing and Maximizing Participation in Multi-Institutional Collaborations in Early Practice

Presented by William Hope, MD, FACS
August 22, 2018
7:00–8:00 pm (CDT)

This webinar will help young surgeons know some of the available resources for multi-institutional collaboration as well as tricks and tips on how to get started. The goal is to provide real world examples of how young surgeons can get involved.

Past Webinars

Jason P. Wilson

Pursuing an Advanced Degree While in Practice

Presented by Jason P. Wilson, MD MBA, FACS

Are you considering getting an advanced degree after starting a surgical practice? In this webinar we discuss the advantages and disadvantages and how an advanced degree can benefit your practice, your career, and even your personal pursuits.

Building a Program Director-Coordinator Relationship

Presented by Vanita Ahuja, MD, FACS, and Diane Maloney-Krichmar, PhD

The webinar highlights the strategies of building a strong relationship with the program director (PD) and program coordinator (PC). The webinar will briefly discuss the roles of the PD and PC as well as the director of the graduate medical office who serves as another resource for education, well-being, legal guidance, and any grievances. Building and advocating for supportive relationships with other faculty and staff through positive role models and mentoring will be discussed.

Building Your Financial Future: They Never Taught Me That in Residency

Brook V. Nelson, MD, FACS

Presented by Brook V. Nelson, MD, FACS

Are you overwhelmed by your mounting student loan debt? Are you not sure which alphabet-soup loan repayment program is best for you? Do you feel like you will never be able to accomplish your financial goals or that having a "late start" at your financial future puts you at a disadvantage? When your financial advisor starts talking about variable versus term versus umbrella versus whole life insurance, do your eyes roll back into your head? Did you never really get financial advice during medical school or residency because it's not polite to talk about money or contracts? If any of this resonates with you, you need to watch this webinar!

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