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Trauma Quality Programs Participant Use File (PUF)

Trauma Quality Programs (TQP) research data may be used for informational and research purposes with approval from the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Committee on Trauma (COT). If you would like to use the TQP Participant Use File (PUF) for your analysis, you must complete our online data application below and agree to our Terms and Conditions.

The TQP Participant Use File is now the representative dataset for trauma research at the ACS. This PUF replaces the trauma datasets previously offered to researchers including the NTDB Research Dataset, the NTDB National Sample Program, and the Trauma Quality Improvement Program (TQIP) Participant Use File (PUF).

Important Note: This PUF will not contain a facility aggregator. This was provided in previous datasets but is no longer offered in the TQP PUF.


  • The TQP PUF contains all records sent to NTDB for specified admission years
  • Includes data submitted on pediatric and adult patients from Level I, II, III, IV, V or undesignated trauma centers
  • The PUF costs $500 per admission year of data requested
  • Admission years 2007 through 2017 are currently available
  • Not all data elements collected in the NTDS Data Dictionary are available in the PUF. For a complete list of TQP data elements available in each year of the dataset, please review the User Manual.
  • All potential recipients of the dataset must complete an application. You can expect to hear a response on your application within 15 business days of a completed application.


Directions for Ordering Participant Use File

TQP PUF User Manual 2007–2016

TQP PUF User Manual 2017

Samples of the structure of the TQP PUF:  2016 | 2017

Apply for the TQP Participant Use File