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Trauma Quality Improvement Program

The American College of Surgeons Trauma Quality Improvement Program (ACS TQIP®) works to elevate the quality of care for trauma patients in your trauma center. In fact, we’re already doing that in more than 700 participating trauma centers across the United States. TQIP accomplishes its work by collecting data from your trauma center, providing feedback about your center’s performance, and identifying institutional characteristics that your trauma center staff can implement to improve patient outcomes. The program uses risk-adjusted benchmarking to provide your hospital with accurate national comparisons. TQIP also provides education and training to help your trauma center staff improve the quality of your data and accurately interpret your benchmark reports. You can network and share information about best practices with other trauma professionals at the TQIP annual meeting, through the TQIP Google group, and in regular web conferences.

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Register today for the TQIP Annual Scientific Meeting and Training. This meeting brings together staff from participating and prospective Trauma Quality Improvement Program (TQIP) hospitals. Sessions are designed to make sure attendees gets the knowledge that is most useful and pertinent to their role on the TQIP team.

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External Cause Codes

NTDB/TQIP Mapping of Trauma Type to ICD-10-CM External Cause Codes

For information on NTDB/TQIP mapping of trauma type to ICD-10-CM Cause Codes, please download the following documents.

These resources provide the assignment and rationale for injuries based on their mechanism, including motor vehicle injuries, firearm, suffocation, and falls.


Dr. Leonard Weireter, Jr., recounts his facility’s participation in the Trauma Quality Improvement Program and how comparable trauma benchmarking has helped them focus their improvement efforts.

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