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Medical Student Toolkits

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) has developed a Medical Student Toolkit that provides valuable resources and information for medical students regarding the ACS.

The kit is aimed at illustrating to medical students the benefits of being an ACS member and allows current Fellows to share their experiences with the next generation of medical professionals.

The Medical Student Toolkit includes the following items:

  • PowerPoint presentation containing information about the benefits of ACS Medical Student membership, allows for customization by the presenter to include personal anecdotes, advice, and experiences with ACS
  • Giveaways (small gifts for all attendees)
  • ACS Medical Student membership brochures and information on how to apply for membership
  • Evaluation Forms, one for you to complete as the event organizer and one for each medical student attendee, along with instructions on how to complete and return the forms to the College

If your chapter leaders are interested in participating in the Medical Student Kit program, please e-mail Hanna Lakew, Member Services Assistant. Hanna will provide contact information for surgery interest group (SIG) leads in your area and will send the toolkit. Arrangements to present information to medical school students would be the responsibility of the designated Chapter volunteer and SIG lead.

Please note: ACS will provide all toolkit materials to the presenter based on the anticipated number of medical student attendees. Our goal is to continually foster a strong relationship between our Fellows and medical students. Through this program, we can engage future generations of surgeons and provide them with the resources and benefits they need to succeed. We hope you find the Medical Student Toolkit a valuable resource and look forward to hearing from you.