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How to Form a Chapter


The procedures to establish a new ACS chapter in a country or U.S. Territory specify the requirements to form a chapter. However, you should keep in mind that prior to the ACS Board of Regents approving a new chapter the following requirements must be satisfied:

  • You will need at least 15 Fellows from a territory, province or country, who are in good-standing, and who are interested in petitioning the College for a Governor. It is expected that these Fellows will become active members of the new chapter.
  • Once a Governor is approved by the College, Fellows eligible for membership in the proposed chapter must be sent a letter, signed by the Governor, informing them of plans for the new chapter. Each of these Fellows is then asked to vote yes or no on the proposal.
  • Chapter bylaws must be submitted to the College for review, and a list of provisional chapter officers must also be forwarded.
  • Following formal action by the Board of Regents to confirm the new chapter, a charter will be prepared, signifying the existence of the chapter.

Expectations for all ACS Chapters

Chapter officers are expected to meet at least once per year, and there must be a regular rotation of officers. It is also expected that there will be periodic annual meetings of the members, along with educational opportunities and activities of interest for young surgeons and medical students.

For more information about forming an ACS chapter, please contact Brian Frankel, Chapter Services Manager, at or 312-202-5361.