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ACS Bulletin Chapter News

Six times a year chapters of the American College of Surgeons (ACS) have the opportunity to submit photos for publication in the Chapter News section of the Bulletin. Chapter News is a great way for chapters to promote their activities and initiatives to all members of the College. Below you will find submission guidelines that have been developed with the Bulletin editorial staff.

For recent Chapter News, please visit the Bulletin website.

Submission Guidelines

Submitting Chapter Photos for the Bulletin

Starting in the August 2018 issue of the Bulletin, the layout of the Chapter News section will consist primarily of photos from chapter activities, rather than full articles. Please note the following submission guidelines below:

  • Submissions can include up to two pictures, which should be ranked in order of preference. Depending on the number of submissions in a given month, the second photo may be published.
  • Only clear, high-quality pictures will be accepted. Photos should be at least 300 dpi x 2 inches.
  • Each picture should include a caption that provides a brief description of the chapter activity, such as date and location. The caption should also include the names, titles, credentials, institutions, years of postgraduate study (if applicable) for all individuals pictured. Pictures of interest include, but are not limited to:
    • Annual chapter meetings
    • Advocacy events
    • Scholarship/award winners
    • Resident competitions
    • Course/program offerings
  • Items/activities that will NOT be included in the Chapter News section of the Bulletin:
    • Chapter council/board meetings
    • Future chapter events—these are listed in the Calendar of Events section of the Bulletin
    • Individual member accomplishments that are not related to the chapter
      • There is a separate section of the ACS Bulletin reserved for highlighting members titled “Members in the News.”

Submission Deadlines

Chapter News appears in the Bulletin every other month. Content is due to Chapter Services by the schedule below:

  • February 10 to be included in April edition
  • April 10 to be included in June edition
  • June 10 to be included in August edition
  • August 10 to be included in October edition
  • October 10 to be included in December edition
  • December 10 to be included in February edition

Please send Chapter News submissions to Natalie Bell, Program Coordinator, Chapter Services, at