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Washington Chapter

The mission of the Washington Chapter of ACS includes the following:

•To foster a close fellowship among surgeons in the area through a common interest in the Chapter and in the activities of the College.

•To provide for surgeons in all the various surgical specialties a common meeting ground where each may learn from the others.

•To strive to obtain the highest standards of patient care in their communities.

•To provide opportunities to further the education of Fellows, members of the Candidate Group, hospital house staffs and all practicing physicians in the area.

•To devote particular attention to the younger surgeons by providing a forum for discussion of their professional and ethical problems and to orient them toward Fellowship in the College.

•To cooperate with local trauma committees of the College by fostering programs concerned with traffic safety, emergency care of the injured and civil defense and by working with other citizens groups interested in these fields.

•To give local support to College programs in control of cancer and to cancer clinics.

•To maintain close working relationships with the local Governors of the College. The local Governors should be ex-officio members of the Council of each Chapter.

•To cooperate with local medical societies and with worthy civic movements concerned with the health of the citizens.

Membership in the American College of Surgeons does not include automatic enrollment in the local chapter. Please complete the Washington Chapter membership application online or contact the chapter administrator/executive director listed below to join your chapter today! For more information about the chapter visit the Washington Chapter website.

Chapter Contact

Susan Lentz, Administrator

Phone: () 206-794-9124

PO Box 2459
Lynnwood 69, 98036
United States

Chapter Leadership

Matthew Joseph Eckert, MD FACS

Allison Jean Porter, MD FACS
President Elect

Allison Jean Porter, MD FACS

Marc Douglas Horton, MD FACS

Paul Hsu-Feng Lin, MD FACS

Bryce Robert Holvey Robinson, MD FACS
COT State Chair

Peter Chang-Chung Wu, MD FACS
CoC State Chair

Giana Hystad Davidson, MD FACS
YFA Chapter Representative

Danielle Samara Hayes, MD
RAS Chapter Representative