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AEI Surgical Simulation Summit Call for Abstracts

The abstract submission site is now closed.

Call For Abstracts

The American College of Surgeons Program for Accreditation of Education Institutes (ACS AEI) Call for Abstracts is open for the Annual ACS Surgical Simulation Summit, March 2–4, 2023, in Chicago, IL. The abstract submission deadline is 11:59 pm CT on  Tuesday, September 13.

The ACS AEI Call for Abstracts is to highlight the best simulation education and training research in the field. Anyone who is involved in simulation-based education or surgical simulation-based training is encouraged to submit an abstract for presentation.


All abstract submissions must be from original research, not previously published or presented before the Annual Surgical Simulation Summit. Submitters are required to confirm the originality of their research in order to complete an abstract submission. It is also expected that all work submitted and accepted will be presented at the Annual Surgical Simulation Summit.

All authors on your abstract submission are required to fill out a disclosure form by the September 13, 2022, 11:59 pm CT deadline in order for the abstract submission to be complete.

Any abstract selected for an Original Paper presentation requires those authors to submit their manuscripts (due by Friday, February 17, 2023) before the Annual Surgical Simulation Summit. This guideline allows for the moderator of the papers session and the discussant of an original paper presentation to become familiar with the research being presented before the meeting.

The Program Review Committee will notify Presenting Authors of their decisions by Friday, December 9, 2022.

Abstract Categories


To be considered for the Fellowship Designation opportunity, you will need to indicate for the presenting author under Additional Information that you are currently enrolled in an AEI Fellowship program.


This category targets descriptions of innovative simulators and technology for teaching and assessment.  Works in progress, research ideas for collaboration, or those abstracts without significant outcomes data will be considered.  Work-in-Progress presentations may include pilot studies and preliminary work in simulation-based surgical education.  Those abstracts selected for oral presentation from this category are not required to submit a full-length manuscript for Surgery.

Interprofessional Education

Abstracts should represent collaborative research studies or solutions implemented to address a particular challenge or need. Abstracts in this category may be completed, in the development phase or in early stages of implementation, but must be multi-institutional or interdisciplinary in nature. Authors of accepted abstracts may be invited to present their work as a poster or as an oral presentation. Participants in this program are expected to highlight the specific challenge or need that initiated the work, and include collaborative components of study design, study aims and goals, resource allocation, methodological considerations, outcome measures, and/or assessment metrics. Special consideration will be given to abstracts that promise completed scholarly work.

MORE Track

The AEI Administration and Management Committee’s MORE (Management, Operations, Research and Education) Track abstract category is an option again this year to draw the most current, cutting-edge abstract proposals from administration and management colleagues in the field for review and use in the 2023 MORE Track programming. Starting in 2023, MORE abstract submissions are not reviewed separately from other Annual Summit abstract categories. This change allows for a MORE abstract to be considered for a general session.

Original Paper

Original Paper abstracts should present results of original research in simulation-based surgical education, or implementation of innovative simulation-based surgical education methods.

Topics may include:

  • Curriculum Development
  • Teaching Methods
  • Learner Assessments
  • Program Evaluations
  • Patient Safety
  • Surgical Outcomes
  • Interprofessional Education
  • Team Wellness
  • Other

Both quantitative and qualitative research will be considered. Our evaluation criteria are:

  • Quality and originality
  • Potential significance to educational theory or application to health services management, policy, or clinical practice
  • Timeliness
  • Clarity of writing and presentation
  • Completed or nearly completed research
  • Relevance

For Original Papers, abstracts that do not describe research methods and present study results will not be considered for presentation. Statements such as "data will be presented" or "results will be shown" should not be included in submitted abstracts. Abstracts should include only generic names, which should be written in lowercase letters.

Abstract Authors whose submissions are accepted for Original Paper presentations are also required to submit a full-length manuscript twice. First, Abstract Authors are required to submit your first manuscript draft to the Annual Surgical Simulation Summit program by February 17, 2023, using Edinstitutes@facs.org. This requirement allows for the Discussants to prepare for the discussion of your paper during the 2023 annual summit. After the summit meeting, Abstract Authors will be required to revise your first draft, based on the feedback you received from the discussant and the audience, and then submit the manuscript’s second version to the journal Surgery via its Elsevier submission portal by March 8, 2023. Your submitted manuscript will then be managed by the 2023 Conference Recorder and our own Managing Editor Gyusung Isaiah Lee, PhD and peer-reviewed for consideration for publication in Surgery

Team Wellness

Surgeons and surgical residents are at risk for burnout, which for the individual is associated with depression, decreased career satisfaction, decreased productivity, alcohol and substance abuse, and suicide.

For the health care system, it is associated with increased medical errors, worse patient outcomes, decreased patient satisfaction, and physician turnover. 

To address burnout, we must promote team wellness via simulation-based education of non-technical skills (professionalism, teamwork, communication, stress management, empathy, resilience etc...) and measure the impact of this training.   

We look forward to your contributions to this important field of research.


Tuesday, September 13, 11:59 pm CT


The ACS AEI submits papers from the Annual Surgical Simulation Summit to the journal Surgery for publication.


Amy Johnson, MS