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How to Select a SESAP® 16 Package

Do You Need CME Credit?

Do you need CME credit (with or without self-assessment) before October 2019? If you do, be sure to select the CME Web option, which must be used to earn CME credit. The CME credit can be claimed as each of the 14 categories is completed or all at once at the end. The print version cannot be used to earn CME credit.

Participants enrolled for CME credit will complete a process of self-assessment and review, followed by a CME test to show mastery of the content. To obtain CME credits, 80% of the questions must be answered correctly. Additional review is offered until a score of 80% is achieved. After categories are completed successfully, results are submitted to the ACS via the Internet (see Hardware/Software Requirements).  The program can be reused for study purposes even after submitting CME credit.

The CME Web with supplemental print package is also available and offers CME credit using the Web. The supplemental print copy of the two-volume syllabus will be forwarded to you after successful completion of the CME requirements.

NonCME Packages

Remember that the CME Web version must be used to earn CME credit. If CME credit is not needed, select among the NonCME Web, the NonCME Web with Print version, and the NonCME Print only version. The NonCME versions allow users to move between categories at will, without completing any one section. The NonCME Web version will record answers for future reference, but do not provide scores. The Print options include the two-volume syllabus, self-assessment book, and self-scoring booklet.

Decide CME or NonCME first; then decide whether you want Web, print, or both.

SESAP 16 Packages


Associate Fellows

Resident Nonmembers*

RAS-ACS Members

Affiliate DO/MD


CME Products








CME Web with Supplemental Print (print copies of the syllabus will be forwarded on completion of all CME requirements)







NonCME Products

NonCME Web







NonCME Print (includes the syllabus, self-assessment book, and self-scoring booklet)







NonCME Web with Print (includes the syllabus, self-assessment book, and self-scoring booklet)







SESAP 16 is designed and licensed for individual use only. Institutions may not purchase a shared copy of SESAP 16 and multiple subscribers may not use the same account.

How to Order


To place an order on-line, click on the package you want in the table above to be taken to the ACS e-store. You may order SESAP online through a secured server. A credit card (VISA, MasterCard, or American Express) must be used to order online. Order online today.

NOTE: Your credit card will not be charged for your SESAP 16 NonCME Web with print package until the print package ships—approximately 24 to 72 hours. Once your print package ships, you will receive an e-mail with your username and password to access the Web version. 

Nonmember residents CANNOT order online. A letter from the program director MUST be included, and the order must be placed by phone, fax, or mail.


You may order by phone by calling 800-251-3775 or 312-202-5474. When ordering by phone, be prepared to give your cardholder name, credit card account number and expiration date, and a mailing address.

Fax or Mail

Print a copy of the order form, complete it, and submit it by fax or mail. Download the SESAP Order Form.

Fax: 312-202-5001

Mailing address:

Division of Education
American College of Surgeons
633 North Saint Clair Street, 24th Floor
Chicago, IL 60611 USA

For information on ordering by mail or paying by check, please e-mail