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Annual Call for Data: National Trauma Data Bank (NTDB)

The National Trauma Data Bank® (NTDB®)  is the largest aggregation of U.S. trauma registry data ever assembled. Participation is voluntary and is one of the leading performance improvement tools of trauma care. You will find the operational definitions for the NTDB in the National Trauma Data Standard (NTDS) Data Dictionary, which is designed to establish a national standard for the exchange of trauma registry data. Registry data that is collected from the NTDB is compiled annually and disseminated in the forms of hospital benchmark reports, data quality reports, and research data sets.  

Call for Data

Annual Call for Data Now Open!

The ACS COT Annual Call for Data is now open and will end October 1, 2018. During this call we are calling for Admission Year 2017 Data. This year we are excited to announce that Call for Data participants will have access to our enhanced data validation tools available on the Trauma Quality Programs Data Center after your data is submitted. To begin the process of joining the Annual Call for Data, please review the instructions on our website.

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External Cause Codes

NTDB/TQIP Mapping of Trauma Type to ICD-10-CM External Cause Codes

For information on NTDB/TQIP mapping of trauma type to ICD-10-CM Cause Codes, please download the following documents.

These resources provide the assignment and rationale for injuries based on their mechanism, including motor vehicle injuries, firearm, suffocation, and falls.

Research Data Sets

The 2016 NTDB Research Dataset is now available for purchase.

The National Trauma Data Bank may be used for informational and research purposes with approval from the ACS Committee on Trauma. If you would like to request permission to reproduce NTDB tables or graphs or use the NTDB dataset for scientific analysis, you may request Research Data Set (RDS) products. The NTDB RDS contains all records sent to NTDB for specified admission years.

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NTDB Data Points

Breaking the cage: Rib fractures

This month’s Bulletin examines the occurrence of patients with rib fractures in the National Trauma Data Bank® (NTDB®) research dataset.

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