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Public Access to Cancer Data

The National Cancer Database (NCDB) maintains a number of Web-based benchmarking applications that have been developed to promote access to NCDB data by the general public, researchers, and clinicians. The NCDB Public Benchmark Reports include the 14 most commonly diagnosed solid tumors in the United States. Users are provided access to data from ten diagnosis years (2008–2017), slightly more than 11 million cases.

Users can design queries using data from any one or a combination of three types of hospitals (community, comprehensive community, and academic/teaching facilities) and specify a geographic region or state to narrow the scope of their analysis. As many as three co-variates (including patient age, ethnicity, sex, tumor histology, stage, first course therapy, and type of surgical resection) are available for users to define the type of information they wish to review.

Access Public NCDB Benchmark Reports

Cancer Cases Reported to the NCDB by Tumor Type and AJCC Stage

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