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Cancer Surgery Standards Program

The Cancer Surgery Standards Program (CSSP) has been developed to improve the quality of surgical care provided to people with cancer.

The CSSP aims to improve care by setting evidence-based standards for the technical conduct of oncologic surgery and educating surgeons to help them meet those standards. To support implementation and adherence, the CSSP builds and disseminates tools, including synoptic operative report templates and the associated electronic infrastructure.

Synoptic Reporting Options

While compliance with CoC Standards 5.3–5.6 will not take effect until 2023, many programs are aware that it will take time to get electronic medical record synoptic reporting solutions in place. Programs are asking about new options available for synoptic operative reporting. We are providing the most current information about synoptic reporting solutions.

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Standards 5.3–5.8

This brief video introduces the Operative Standards and the rationale for their incorporation into the CoC accreditation standards. We recommend that all CLPs and State Chairs distribute this video to surgeons at their CoC-accredited cancer programs and encourage program staff to show the video during tumor boards.

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SurgOnc Today™ Podcast

Listen to the latest episode of SurgOnc Today™ "American College of Surgeons Operative Standards for Cancer Surgery – Why we need them and how to put them into practice." SSO President James Howe CSSP Chair Matthew H.G. Katz and Vice-Chair Kelly Hunt about CoC Standards 5.3 through 5.8.

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Surgeon Voices

CSSP Implementation & Integration Committee Chair, Arden M. Morris, MD, MPH, FACS, speaks on the incorporation of synoptic reporting into surgery and how standardized language and increased data capture can help to quickly identify and disseminate important findings on patient outcomes.

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Bulletin Announcement

Read more about resources and education for the Commission on Cancer operative standards in this feature article published in the January 2021 issue of the Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons.

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