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Managing Staff Contacts

Access to CoC Datalinks for staff at a CoC-accredited cancer program is managed by the facility.

To view the staff contacts at your CoC-accredited cancer program:

  1. Log into CoC Datalinks. (Forgot your login?)
  2. Click “Manage Staff Contacts.”

    Manage Staff Contacts

The Manage Staff Contacts page consists of three types of contacts:

  1. Current Contacts: This list contains current contacts at your facility and their CoC Datalinks roles. Click on the contact name to view or edit the detailed contact information, including name, e-mail address, and role.
  2. Previous Contacts: This list contains contacts whose access has been removed. The previous contacts will remain in this section for the duration of one year. This list allows you to easily edit and immediately reassign roles without adding a new contact.
  3. Pending Contacts: If you have added a new contact for your facility, click on the Pending Contact Additions heading to view the new contacts you have added. Pending contact additions will appear in this section until they have been processed by the CoC Datalinks Administrator, at which time they will move to Current Contacts.

CoC-accredited programs are strongly encouraged to add contact information for all roles listed. This will enable the CoC to communicate more directly with appropriate cancer committee members.