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Managing Staff Contacts FAQs

I added a new user but the person is not listed in the Current Contacts.

By using the Add New Contact button, you have submitted an electronic request for a new user. New users do not immediately receive access. The new contact will be listed in the Pending Contacts until the CoC Datalinks Administrator processes the request. Please allow 2–3 business days for processing. The new user will receive an e-mail containing their login information immediately upon processing.

The role that I want to select is not available.

Many of the CoC Datalinks roles are limited to one per facility. If the role selection you need is not available, you will have to first remove the role from the Current Contact to whom it is already assigned.

Example: Cancer Program Administrator Change
Follow the Remove User instructions or the Role Management instructions to remove Cancer Program Administrator from the Current Contact.
Add a New Contact or Select a Contact from the Current or Previous Contact list, and add the role of Cancer Program Administrator.

I already have a role at my facility. Should I add “Datalinks Contact” or “NCDB Tools User” to my access?

Datalinks Contact and NCDB Tools User are limited-access roles. Adding either of these roles to a user that already has an access role (for example, Cancer Liaison Physician, Chair, Administrator) will not give them access to anything they don’t already have access to from their facility Activity Menu.

My contact information is correct, however I am not receiving all of the same notifications as other contacts at my facility (primary contacts and non-primary contacts).

Automated notifications and special announcements that are sent from the CoC have specific recipients based on the CoC Datalinks roles. The designation of “Primary Contact” is only for use by the surveyor and accreditation staff during the survey process. The CoC encourages staff that receive notifications to share pertinent information with other cancer committee members at their facility.