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CoC Governance

The mission and objectives of the Commission on Cancer (CoC) are carried out through its committee structure comprised of the Executive, Nominating, Accreditation, AdvocacyCancer Liaison, Education, Member Organization Steering, Quality Integration, and related subcommittees and workgroups. 

Executive Committee

CoC Chair and Executive Committee Chair: Timothy W. Mullett, MD, FACS 
Staff Liaison: Connie Bura
Current Executive Committee Members

The Executive Committee conducts the interim business of the CoC and administers the goals and objectives of the CoC as set forth by its mission statement. The committee reviews policies, plans activities, makes recommendations regarding membership, considers actions coming before it, and recommends actions to the membership of the CoC.

The Executive Committee is comprised of the following:

  • Chair of the CoC
  • Chair-Elect of the CoC (as appropriate)
  • American College of Surgeons Board of Governors Advisor
  • American College of Surgeons Regental Advisor
  • Chairs of the six standing committees (Accreditation, Advocacy, Cancer Liaison, Education, Member Organization Steering, and Quality Integration)
  • Chair of the Nominating Committee (immediate past chair)
  • Representatives from the American Cancer Society, American College of Radiology, American College of Surgeons Cancer Research Program, American Joint Committee on Cancer, American Society of Clinical Oncology, American Society of Radiation Oncology, Association of Cancer Executives, Association of Oncology Social Work, College of American Pathologists, National Comprehensive Cancer Network, and Oncology Nursing Society

Nominating Committee

Chair: Lawrence Shulman, MD, FACP, FASCO
Staff Liaison: Julia Francescatti
Current Nominating Committee Members

The Nominating Committee:

  • Serves as a subcommittee of the Executive Committee
  • Prepares a yearly slate of nominees for CoC membership for the following categories:
    • Fellowship of the American College of Surgeons
    • Member organizations who have representation on the CoC
    • Special members
  • Prepares a yearly slate of nominees for chairs and vice-chairs of standing committees
  • Prepares a yearly slate for CoC chair and/or chair-elect
  • Identifies CoC Executive Committee positions
  • Evaluates member participation

The Nominating Committee is comprised of the:

  • Chair: Immediate past chair of the CoC
  • Members: Nominating Committee Chair, CoC Chair, CoC Chair-elect (if one is in place), and chairs of the six standing committees

Accreditation Committee

Chair: James B. Harris, MD, FACS
Vice-Chair: M. Kathleen Christian, MD, FACS
Staff Liaison: Erin DeKoster
Current Accreditation Committee Members

The Accreditation Committee provides direction for the Accreditation Program including implementing and evaluating CoC standards, overseeing and evaluating survey and review processes and results, and promoting accredited cancer programs. The committee also reviews and acts on recommendations from its two subcommittees (Program Review and Field Staff) and other workgroups as appointed.

To learn more about the benefits of accreditation, the quality standards set forth by the CoC, and eligibility criteria to become an accredited cancer program, visit the Accreditation Program for detailed information.

Advocacy Committee

Chair: Arnold M. Baskies, MD, FACS
Vice-Chair: Jennifer E. Rosen, MD, FACS
Staff Liaison: Connie Bura
Current Advocacy Committee Members

The Advocacy Committee is responsible for identifying, evaluating, and recommending positions on legislative policy and/or regulatory issues that come before the state and/or federal government that have the potential to affect the needs and/or interests of CoC-accredited cancer programs and cancer patients. Priorities will focus on issues that impact the mission of the CoC and/or issues impacting the CoC standards for accreditation.

To learn more about the Advocacy Committee, contact Connie Bura.

Committee on Cancer Liaison

Chair: Quyen D. Chu, MD, FACS
Maria Teresa Castaldi, MD, FACS
Staff Liaison: Melissa Leeb
Current Committee on Cancer Liaison Members

The CoC Liaison directs the activities of the Cancer Liaison Program, which is comprised of a network of more than 1,600 volunteer cancer liaison physicians (CLPs) who provide local support for the CoC’s programs and activities. The committee also directs the activities of the volunteer State Chairs in place at the state and regional levels to manage state-based cancer activities and their respective groups of CLPs. The committee also oversees the implementation of priorities established by the funding agency, the American Cancer Society.

To learn more about the Cancer Liaison Program, the role of the CLP, and how to become or appoint a CLP, visit the Cancer Liaison Program section for detailed information.

Education Committee

Chair: Laurie J. Kirstein, MD, FACS
Vice-Chair: Bruce Brenner, MD, FACS
Staff Liaison: Asa Carter
Current Education Committee Members

The Education Committee is responsible for the planning, promotion, conduct, and evaluation of programs and products that address the educational needs of the CoC constituency. As needed, subcommittees may be formed to manage the duties and responsibilities associated with specific educational activities.

Activities under the direction of the committee include the development of the CoC's professional education program for the American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress, selection of the Keynote Speaker for the CoC Annual Meeting, contributions to the content of the Online Education Center, and workshops to address the educational needs of the CoC's constituents.

To learn more about the educational offerings of the CoC, visit the Education and Meetings section for detailed information.

Member Organization Steering Committee

Chair: Susan Hedlund, MSW, LCSW, OSW-C, FAOSW
Vice-Chair: Kenneth Gow, MD, FACS
Staff Liaison: Melissa Leeb
Current Member Organization Steering Committee Members

The Member Organization Steering Committee directs the activities of the member organization representatives, and is responsible for developing, implementing, and evaluating strategies to support enhanced collaborations and communications with CoC member organizations.

Learn more about the CoC Member Organizations.

Quality Integration Committee

Chair: Daniel J. Boffa, MD, FACS
Vice-Chair: Sharon S. Lum, MD, FACS
Staff Liaisons: Ryan McCabe
Current Quality Integration Committee Members

The Quality Integration Committee (QIC) oversees the quality of cancer care in CoC-accredited hospitals and by associated physicians. Primarily, the QIC directs and oversees the activities that:

  • Assist in defining the CoC standards through which the quality of cancer care is defined
  • Assure that mechanisms are in place to promote the quality, breadth, and timeliness of the data provided for entry into the National Cancer Database (NCDB)
  • Define methods for NCDB data dissemination, including the use of participant user files (PUFs) for purposes of thoughtful, hypothesis-driven, retrospective research
  • Promote mechanisms to maximize the utilization and dissemination of NCDB data to increase medical knowledge about cancer and improve the care of all patients with cancer
  • Promote the development and maintenance of Internet-based quality reporting tools for real-time use by accredited facilities to measure and improve their own quality of cancer care, including national benchmarking capabilities
  • Assure that the College maintains the NCDB data securely

To learn more about the NCDB, including the cancer statistics available, quality improvement reporting tools, special studies, and the NCDB's research initiatives, visit the NCDB section for detailed information.