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Your Residency Search

To the Medical Student:

This section of the American College of Surgeons website has been developed to help you decide whether you are physically, intellectually, and emotionally suited to be a happy and successful surgeon. If that is the case, the information presented here about the surgical specialties along with a searchable database will help you find optimal graduate medical education opportunities. Much of the information presented here is available elsewhere; however, this Online Guide was assembled to make your search easier.

The medical student interested in a career in surgery should be familiar with the qualities and demands required of a successful, satisfied surgeon. These qualities and demands are covered in Section I. For those still stimulated by the challenge of surgery after thoughtful reading of Section I, there are suggested questions that you should ask of yourself, and attempt to answer, in order to select residency programs suited to your needs. These residency programs are presented in Section II with a chronology of the application and interview processes to make the processes as efficient as possible. In Section III you will find a description of the surgical specialties. Links are provided to important information about the specialties and the programs, and the answers to questions about programs you consider.