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Division of Education

Blended Surgical Education and Training for Life

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) Division of Education is at the forefront of national and international innovative education and training to promote excellence and expertise in surgery. Our definitive, one-of-a-kind programs, products, and resources support you at all career levels and continue to receive widespread acclaim in a variety of forums.

Our overarching goal is to promote surgical care of the highest quality and patient safety through:

  • Definitive educational programs, products, and resources
  • Innovative simulation-based education, training, and assessment programs
  • Robust verification, validation, and accreditation programs
  • Promotion of expertise and mastery in surgery
  • Interventions to address transitions in professional careers
  • Support for Maintenance of Certification
  • Enhancement of individual, team, and system performance
  • Definition of national strategies to advance surgical education and training
  • Pursuit of exceptional scholarship

Straight from the Source

Selected Readings in General Surgery (SRGS®) scours peer-reviewed medical journals for the most relevant evidence-based content. In this video, ACS Fellows discuss how they use this product to spend their time learning, not searching. Eight online and print editions of the digest are issued each year to help surgeons stay current with the most important articles in surgery.

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The 2015 ACS Comprehensive General Surgery Review Course, July 30–August 2, in Chicago, IL is an intensive three-and-a-half-day review course covering essential content areas in general surgery. This course will help to fulfill the requirements for Maintenance of Certification, Part 2, and should be helpful to surgeons preparing for recertification examinations. Self-assessment will be available.

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The Surgical Education and Self-Assessment Program (SESAP®) offers you problem-based multiple-choice questions and evidence-based explanations of answers, as well as supporting references from current literature. Questions cover all 15 major content areas of general surgery, consistent with the topics covered by American Board of Surgery examinations. SESAP also includes a unique self-assessment and cognitive skills acquisition model designed to help you assess and maintain your clinical knowledge.

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Atlas of Surgery: Liver Volume

Liver Surgery Volume

New ACS Multimedia Atlas of Surgery:  Liver Surgery Volume

A new Multimedia Atlas of Surgery Volume focusing on Liver Surgery is now available. The comprehensive atlas, you will receive detailed instructions from expert surgeons in a combination of videos, illustrations, and photos. Online access to interactive Atlas of Surgery is included with print purchase.

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