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Participating in Lobby Days

Lobby Days or A Day at the Capital

Lobby Days are a great way to both create and leverage relationships. It’s not necessary to have a lobby day only when you have issues on the table. Legislators want to see and hear from you year-round, and they appreciate receiving “thank you’s" for a job well done.

Checking the state and local lobbying laws is a must before you begin to plan an event. Once you have established what you can and more importantly, CANNOT do, you may begin planning your event. Most lobby days include:

  • Speakers: elected officials (where allowed) and/or representatives from the College and chapters, state medical and specialty societies, and so on.
  • Dinners and/or Receptions: These may be open events for the whole legislature or more structured invitation-only events.
  • Meetings with Legislators: These events will include times for the attendees to meet with their specific elected officials.

Helpful Hints

  • Do include a speaker who can address the “do’s” and “don’ts” of advocacy that includes not only the legalities (what can you say, do, etc.) but also the “how’s” (i.e. maintain eye contact, introduce yourself, how to follow up, etc.).
  • Don’t forget to prepare “leave-behinds” (handouts), and remember the state affairs team at the College is available to help plan these events.