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Throughout the year, the American College of Surgeons Health Policy Advisory Council (ACS HPAC) sponsors webinars that focus on issues concerning the structure and strategy of the ACS Division of Advocacy and Health Policy (DAHP), and regulatory, federal, and health policy issues directly related to surgery. Regular webinar speakers include Charles D. Mabry, MD, FACS, Chair, HPAC; Christian Shalgian, Director, DAHP; John Hedstrom, Deputy Director, ACS Legislative Affairs; as well as other ACS leadership and guests.

A Strategic Overview

Division of Advocacy and Health Policy: A Strategic Overview

Payment and RVUs

Improved insurance payment and RVUs for surgeons: How and why the ACS is involved in the AMA RUC process

Massachusetts Pilot Program

Health Policy Advisory Committee (HPAC) Webinar: Massachusetts Pilot Program

Federal Legislation

ACS Federal Legislative Advocacy

The AMA CPT Process

Physician Payments: ACS Engagement on Improving Surgical Coding Through the AMA CPT Process Webinar

The Employed Surgeon

Focus on the Employed Surgeon