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Duties and Responsibilities

Governors are an official, direct communications link between the Fellows of the College and the Board of Regents. Throughout their term(s), Governors are focused on attending, communicating, and participating in the following activities:

Governor Attendance

  • Attend Clinical Congress in the fall.
  • Attend the Spring Leadership & Advocacy Summit (spring meeting attendance is not required for international governors).
    • Advocacy Summit participation is encouraged but not required
  • Attend chapter and/or specialty society meetings.
  • Attend Regional Committee on Applicant meetings (Domestic Governors, if applicable).
  • Attend interviews for international applicants who want to become ACS Fellows (International Governors).

Governor Communication

  • Provide bidirectional communication between the Board of Governors and their constituents.
  • Provide report(s) to Chapter or Specialty Society.
  • Provide feedback to Board of Governor Workgroups and the Executive Committee.
  • Promote American College of Surgeons (ACS) Fellowship in local area and/or in specialty society.
  • Welcome and engage new Fellows into the ACS from local area/organization.
  • Be actively engaged in with the Board of Governors/Board of Regents Online Community.

Governor Participation

  • Actively participate in a Board of Governors workgroup.
  • Participate in Board of Governor meetings at the Leadership & Advocacy Summit.
  • Participate in the Board of Governors Annual Business Meeting and Adjourned Meeting at Clinical Congress.
  • Participate in Convocation and the Annual Meeting of Members at Clinical Congress.
  • Complete the Board of Governors Annual Survey.