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Duties and Responsibilities

A Governor’s responsibilities fall under three main headings.


  • Attend Clinical Congress in the fall.
  • Attend the Spring Leadership Summit (spring meeting attendance is not required for international governors).
  • Attend chapter and/or specialty society meetings.


  • Provide bidirectional communication between the Board of Governors and your constituents.
  • Provide report to Chapter or Specialty Society and BoG Executive and Communications Committees.
  • Promote American College of Surgeons (ACS) Fellowship in state and in specialty society.
  • Welcome and engage new Fellows into the ACS from your area/organization.
  • Contribute to the ACS Communities.
  • Read the BoG newsletter.


  • Actively participate in a minimum of one BoG workgroup.
  • Participate in BoG meetings, Convocation, and Annual Meeting of Members at the annual Clinical Congress.
  • Complete annual survey.
  • Participate in local Committee on Applicants meetings and interviews.
  • Attend quarterly webinars.