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The following institutions have successfully met the program requirements of the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Program for Accreditation of Education Institutes (AEIs), and as a result are accredited as either Comprehensive (CEI) or Focused (FEI).

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Using the fields on the left, you can search by institution name, city, state, and country, or by ZIP code and distance. Results will show each institute’s contact information, accreditation status, and date of most recent accreditation. One of the goals of the accreditation program is to build a community of institutions interested in furthering surgical education. Therefore, we have received permission from each of the AEIs to provide names and e-mail addresses of those individuals who are willing to be contacted about their programs. However, it is up to the contacts at each AEI  to determine the level of information they are willing to provide and share. This support is done on a voluntary basis.