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Site Visit Application

Site Visit Application is being updated.

  • Must return completed site visit application 12 months in advance to preferred timeframe.
  • NEW! As of July 1, 2016, all ACS participating trauma centers will begin the transition to an annual fee structure. The annual fee to maintain your trauma center’s verification will be announced January 2016. Currently verified trauma centers with an anniversary/expiration date or new centers seeking a verification visit between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017 (FY17) will be invoiced annually for the term of the verification period. Please do not send payment until you receive an invoice.
    • - Level I Adult trauma centers and Level I Pediatric trauma centers verification/reverification will each be recognized as single visits in which they may be scheduled concurrently. Corresponding teams will be assigned for each visit.
  • NEW! Physicians previously approved by way of the Alternate Pathway Criteria, will be required to submit an evaluation submitted by the TMD on an annual basis. A copy of the evaluation form, please visit the VRC Resources page.
  • New and previously approved surgeons/physicians who have been through the Alternate Pathway and are still on the trauma call panel will be reviewed at every reverification visit beginning with the implementation of the new 2014 guidelines. The same fee applies for the additional specialty reviewer.
  • Currently accepting site visit applications to be scheduled starting in March 2017. (No longer accepting applications for 2016–February 2017.) For those trauma centers expiring prior to February 2017, exceptions may be made provided that capacity is not overwhelmed.
  • International site visit requests must contact the Verification, Review, and Consultation (VRC) program office at 312-202-5134.
  • TQIP - The requirements with rationale to determine if the [non-TQIP] program meets the risk-adjusted benchmarking criteria are listed on the Resources page
  • For combined centers (Level I adult/Level II peds or Level II adults/Level II peds) these programs are required to participate independently in a risk-adjusted benchmarking program.
  • For Level III centers to satisfy the risk-adjusted benchmarking requirement, the center must participate in the TQIP pilot program

Please contact the VRC office for further information at 312-202-5134.