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Site Visit Application

Please note: We are currently accepting site visit applications to be scheduled in November 2020 and beyond. We are no longer accepting applications January 2020 through October 2020.

Applying for a Site Visit

The site visit application can now be found on the TQP Account Center. Click on the link below to log into the Account Center. If you are a brand new trauma center, click on the “Join a Program” link to get started. 

Please note that as of 7/1/18, all new site visits must be requested through the online system. As of July 1, we will no longer accept PDF site visit forms.

Access the Site Visit application

Centers must return completed site visit application 13–14 months in advance of preferred timeframe. Level I Trauma Centers, please see Orthopaedic Trauma Leader (OTL) section about additional documentation needed.

Download the OTL Form for CD 9-5

In addition to completing the site visit application, all Level I Trauma Centers must also complete the OTL form and return it to the VRC office with a copy of the OTL’s curriculum vitae.

Following Your Application Submission

Access to the online hospital Pre-Review Questionnaire (PRQ) will be provided upon receipt of the application. The PRQ must be marked “complete” 30 calendar days prior to the confirmed visit dates.

We will do our best to schedule your visit according to your preferred start date. If the preferred date is not possible, the VRC office will contact the trauma program manager to find an alternative. Visit dates may be confirmed up to 150 days prior to the dates requested on the application. If you need to change your requested visit dates prior to the visit being confirmed, please contact the VRC office as soon as possible. Change requests will be considered as availability permits.

Cancellation Policy

Site visits cancelled or rescheduled within 60 days of the scheduled visit date will forfeit an annual fee to cover processing and scheduling costs.


If you have any questions or comments concerning the application process, contact the Verification, Review, & Consultation Program office at 312-202-5134 or