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Injury Prevention and Control

The purpose of the Subcommittee on Injury Prevention and Control is to become a centralized national resource for injury prevention for the membership of the American College of Surgeons (ACS); to develop cooperative efforts with other organizations dedicated to injury prevention; to increase recognition of injury prevention within the Committee on Trauma (COT); and to nominate candidates for the National Safety Council Surgeons Award for Service to Safety.


  1. Promote and update an injury prevention and control slide set
  2. Coordinate and maintain an injury prevention and control booth at the Clinical Congress
  3. Collaborate and develop cooperative ties with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other organizations involved in prevention activities for distribution of appropriate program materials
  4. Promote injury prevention and control topics for trauma CME courses
  5. Maintain and update an injury prevention and control Web page linked with other prevention sites
  6. Promote a template for injury prevention and control programs
  7. Encourage updating of the current position paper on firearm violence
  8. Provide media training on injury prevention and control
  9. Encourage inclusion of injury prevention and control in medical school curriculum and residency training programs
  10. Develop an interactive prehospital outreach program

Slide Shows

Injury Prevention

English: Presentation | Full text
Spanish: Presentation | Full text

Alcohol and Injury

English: Presentation | Full text
Spanish: Presentation | Full text

The Case for Graduated Licensing

Presentation | Full text



Position Statements

Statement on Safety Belt Laws and Enforcement (2016 revised)
Statement on Prevention of Non-Traffic Vehicle-Related Injuries in Children (2016 revised)
Statement on Older Adult Burn Prevention (2016)
Bicycle Safety and the Promotion of Bicycle Helmet Use (2014)
Intimate Partner Violence (previously called domestic violence) (2014 revised)
Older Adult Falls and Falls Prevention (2014)
Firearms Injuries (2013 revised)
Concussion and Brain Injury (2012)
All-Terrain Vehicle Injuries (2009)
Insurance, Alcohol-Related Injuries, and Trauma Centers (2006)
Support of Legislation Regarding Fire-Safe Cigarettes (2006)
Prevention of Nontraffic Vehicle-Related Injuries in Children (2005)
Safety Belt Laws and Enforcement (2003)
Support of Motorcycle Helmet Laws (2001)

Additional Resources

Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention (SBI) for Trauma Patients

Keeping Kids Safe in and Around Cars English | Spanish

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