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COVID-19: Trauma Education Resources

During the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that everyone is in need of additional resources and looking for alternate ways to address their individual needs. In an effort to develop an equitable solution for all of our ATLS Partners and health care professionals that care for injured patients, we have made Basic Trauma Care “Just in Time” education materials available free of charge. In order to access the module you will be asked to either log in with your current credentials or create new credentials. *These education resources do not take the place of formal training or provide any CME credit.

Guidelines for Resuming your ATLS Courses

These guidelines have been compiled in consultation with several people, including our educator colleagues. The goal in preparing these suggestions has been to balance keeping intact the educational principles that are the underpinning of ATLS with the needs of sites in this extraordinary circumstance. It cannot be overemphasized that the most important consideration in this matter is being in compliance with your local dictates regarding gatherings and meetings. That said, the below document contains some options to consider for some of the key components of the course: the interactive discussions, the skill stations, the initial assessment scenario testing, and the written test. As we gain more experience, we expect that this process will continue to evolve and that this is a starting point.

Download the Recommendations for Guidelines for Resuming ATLS Courses

Recommendations: Resource Options for Course Management

Hybrid Course Use

Resident Training

ATLS Education

  • Download the ATLS app from Please contact to receive a free download code.
  • ATLS 9th edition Manual (PDF)—If you would like a print copy, please reach out to (subject to availability).
  • Initial Assessment Module from mATLS 10th Edition
  • mATLS 10th Edition Videos

ASSET Education

For use refreshing and as reference for surgical exposure on anatomical structure. They should not be used in any formal capacity and participant usage will not contain any CME or Cadaver skills

  • ASSET Student Manual—If you would like a hard copy of the ASSET book, you will be charged the full amount for the material of $100 plus shipping)
  • ASSET Faculty Manual
  • ASSET Videos

Access Basic Trauma Care materials

If you have any questions about these resources please contact the Trauma Education Team at