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Requirements for ATLS Instructors, Educators, and Coordinators


  • Must complete the online or in-person update before teaching 10th Edition courses.
  • Must reverify every four years to retain a current faculty status.
  • Must teach a lecture and skill station in at least four Advanced Trauma Life Support® (ATLS®) courses during each cycle.

The course in which instructors complete their teaching requirements may count as one of the four required teaching episodes for the first reverification cycle.

Educators and Coordinators

  • Upon completion of the 10th edition update, educators and coordinators will receive an expiration date of four years from the date the update was completed.
  • An ATLS Educator or Coordinator card will be available after the update is completed.
  • In order to retain the status of an ATLS Educator or Coordinator, you must teach in or coordinate at least four courses in the four-year reverification cycle.

Faculty members: Complete the 10th edition update (forthcoming)

  • Your ATLS ID number is needed to complete the update.
  • If you do not know your ATLS ID number, please contact your Regional Program Coordinator.