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Selected Readings

Introduction to Injury and Violence Prevention

Epidemiological Patterns of Injury: Conceptual Model of Injury Causation and Prevention Readings:

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Economic Costs of Injury Readings:

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Injury Prevention Program Design and Evaluation Readings:

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Identification of Injury Data Sources and Working with Injury Data Readings:

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Trauma Care and Emergency Medical Systems

Affecting Change through Public Policy, Technology, and Education Readings:

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Traffic Injuries/Vehicular Trauma Readings:

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Residential Injuries (Fires, Burns, Falls, Poisonings) Readings:

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Recreational Injuries (Drownings, Cycling, Playgrounds, Sports) Readings:

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Violence Readings:

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Firearm Injuries/Intentional Violence Readings:

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Occupational Injury Readings:

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Alcohol and Substance Abuse Readings:

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Injury Prevention Education Readings:

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