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February 7 deadline for MIPS 2018 data submission

Dear SSR Participant,

This is a reminder that the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Surgeon Specific Registry (SSR) allows you to participate in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) for the 2018 performance year. 

This optional participation is made possible through the MIPS 2018 Preview Submission Report (PSR), which allows you to approve your MIPS 2018 data submission. The PSR is now available for your use in the SSR.

Approving your MIPS 2018 data submission in the SSR is the final step required for the ACS to submit MIPS data to CMS on your behalf.

If you do not approve your MIPS 2018 data submission, then your MIPS data will not be submitted to CMS. To complete and approve your MIPS 2018 data submission, log in to the ACS data platform; in the SSR menu go to “Regulatory,” and select “MIPS 2018 Preview Submission Report.” For specific instructions use the following educational guide (page 3).

Once the MIPS 2018 data submission has been completed and approved, your MIPS 2018 data will be prepared and submitted to CMS.

Submitting MIPS 2018 data to CMS will allow you to potentially either avoid a negative payment adjustment or earn a positive payment adjustment in calendar year 2020. Visit the ACS SSR website for more information about MIPS 2018 participation, including requirements, specifications, and instructional resources. If you are unsure if you are eligible to participate in MIPS 2018 please verify your eligibility here

As a courtesy, the ACS SSR has extended the previous January 31 deadline to Thursday, February 7.

For all other educational resources regarding MIPS 2018 Participation through the SSR, visit the Educational Instructions and Resources page of the ACS SSR website.

Additionally, please note that the ‘Additional Procedures’ field now includes the option to add CPT Modifiers, and you can add multiple ‘Additional Procedures’ into the same field simultaneously (i.e. several CPT codes can be entered and separated with a comma).

For any SSR questions, including MIPS participation, please contact the ACS SSR at or 312-202-5408. For SSR technical questions or issues (for example, password reset), please contact Technical Support at or 1-877-600-7237 (toll-free).

Thank you for participating in the SSR and MIPS.

Your SSR Team