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SSR Account Setup and Registration

Once you have registered—or if you are a current user—review the instructions on initial account setup.

Surgeon Registration

ACS Surgeon Members

The Surgeon Specific Registry (SSR) is free of charge to American College of Surgeons (ACS) surgeon members as a membership benefit. Please note that you will need your ACS member profile account username and password to register free of charge.


Non-ACS Surgeon Members

The SSR is available to non-ACS surgeon members for a subscription package. To begin creating an account, please fill out the following form by clicking on “Register” below.


Delegate Registration

The new SSR has delegate-level access. A delegate account can be added under your main SSR account for any individuals whom you want to have access to your main account for purposes such as data entry. A delegate can be any office staff member (for example, practice administrator, nurse, biller, etc.). For information on how to add a delegate account under your main SSR account, download our delegate management instructions.

Add a delegate account