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ACS QVP System Verification

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The ACS QVP System Verification participation option is intended for hospital systems that have begun, or intend to, organize, and align elements of the surgical quality infrastructure across the entire hospital system. This visit includes meetings with system-level leadership in addition to individual hospital site visits (ACS QVP Focused Verification or ACS QVP Comprehensive Verification as applicable).

Each participating hospital will be evaluated individually in addition to verification of system-level surgical quality infrastructure, processes, and resources.

ACS NSQIP participation is not required for this option.

Site Visit Structure

Site visit includes an additional half day for system-level discussion and feedback in addition to individual hospital visits (see above descriptions).

Required Documentation

System PRQ and associated documentation of established system-level processes/protocols, in addition to ACS QVP Comprehensive Materials and/or ACS QVP Focused Materials outlined above.

Preparation Timeline

Recommend applying at least six to 12 months prior to anticipated site visit date.