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ACS QVP Focused Verification for ACS NSQIP Hospitals

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The ACS QVP Focused Verification for ACS NSQIP Hospitals site visits are similar to the ACS QVP Focused Verification visits described above, however, areas of focus will be driven by the hospital’s ACS NSQIP data and there will be specific discussion and emphasis on how the use of ACS NSQIP data can be used to drive improvement.

ACS QVP Focused for ACS NSQIP Hospitals is intended to be a precursor to an ACS QVP Comprehensive site visit.

ACS NSQIP participation is required for this option.

Site Visit Structure

  • Site visit is approximately one half-day
  • Includes meetings with hospital leadership, surgery department leadership, and frontline surgeons as well as a short chart review session.
  • Additionally, two surgical specialties will be selected through review of ACS NSQIP data for a deep-dive session to evaluate specialty-specific quality processes/resources.

Required Documentation

  • Hospital PRQ with minimal documentation of processes and protocols required.
  • Surgical Specialty PRQs for two selected surgical specialties, based on the review of ACS NSQIP data.
  • A limited number of prepared patient chart files with associated quality review documentation.

Preparation Timeline

Recommend applying at least three months prior to anticipated site visit date.