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100th MBSAQIP Site Visit

Photo curtsey of Sarah Kitchen RN, BSN, CBN, from INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center, Oklahoma City, OK

Max Hammer, MD, FACS, conducted the 100th MBSAQIP site visit at INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center in Oklahoma City, OK, on Friday, February 27, 2015. The center was originally accredited in 2008 and is under the leadership of the MBS Director, Hamilton Le, MD, FACS.  Dr. Hammer is a practicing bariatric surgeon from Springfield, IL, who volunteered for the inaugural MBSAQIP surveyor class, which includes 65 other bariatric surgeon surveyors from across the country.  Surveyors verify standards on site and conduct quality improvement-driven site visits that are a cornerstone of the MBSAQIP program.

Thank you to our surveyors for participating in the new program and process, and for their continued commitment to improved quality of care of the bariatric surgery patient. We appreciate the time and energy all of our surveyors dedicate to conducting the site visits as well as the centers who commit to the highest quality of care for their bariatric surgery patients.