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Updates and a Quick Survey on Synoptic Operative Reports for CoC Standards

We are pleased to report that we are making steady progress on the production of synoptic operative reports (SORs) and we anticipate that these tools will be ready for dissemination and implementation by January 2021. The content of the reports has been well-vetted by diverse focus groups; the vendor for designing and building the digital tools has been selected; the kick-off phase has been completed; and pilot sites have been selected. Thinking ahead and preparing for the broad dissemination of the tool, we need to identify sites who plan to use the tool and we also need sites to identify their surgeon super user and IT contacts. The surgeon super user would be the local surgeon who champions the introduction and implementation of the tool at the local hospital. They will be the first to learn about the tool and they will be expected to help colleagues become familiar with the features as well as helping to make the tool work in their local electronic medical record, EMR. We will also need sites to identify IT contacts at their hospital who work with the local version of the EMR for customization as needed.

At this time, we are requesting the primary contact from each Commission on Cancer-accredited facility, ideally the Hospital Registrar, to complete a Survey Monkey that is a brief 10 question survey specific to how they plan to achieve compliance with the synoptic operative reporting requirements of the CoC standards 5.3-5.6. We are requesting responses to this survey by Wednesday, August 19 at 5 pm CT.

We are also pleased to report that thanks to the invaluable feedback from focus groups these reports will not only fulfill the synoptic operative reporting requirements for the four Commission on Cancer 2020 standards (5.3 through 5.6), but will also be comprehensive and flexible enough to fulfill all surgical reporting needs. Although the focus of these SORs is on capturing cancer-specific information, the reports also include universal surgical data elements and information required for the generation of billing codes as well as fulfilling other information functions. The vendor is working closely with users to make the SORs easy to understand and complete.

We look forward to sharing additional updates in the coming months. Visit our website for information about implementation of the CoC operative standards and the Cancer Surgery Standards Program. Questions should be sent to