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Update on Implementation of CoC Operative Standards

Thank you for your continued patience as development of resources continues for the Commission on Cancer Operative Standards (Standards 5.3–5.8) included in the Optimal Resources for Cancer Care (2020 Standards). We wanted to provide an update on these resources and the implementation timeline.

Two focus groups made up of approximately 40 surgeons and registrars each were convened in late March to review the breast and colon synoptic operative report templates. Additionally, the breast report template was reviewed by several experts from the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC). We received valuable feedback from the focus groups and NAPBC members regarding data fields and electronic implementation. Development of the melanoma report is officially underway. It is expected that these synoptic operative report templates will be complete and ready for distribution as PDFs by late summer 2020.

We are also working on development of an electronic tool that can work within the electronic health record. It is expected that these electronic synoptic operative reporting tools will be available for programs in early 2021.

Updates will be released in late June to inform programs of the resources and requirements for CoC accreditation, including implementation dates and details on ratings and compliance. Additionally, a webinar on the operative standards implementation will be held on July 8 to review these updates and answer questions. Registration for the webinar will open on May 18. Watch the Cancer Program News and the Cancer Programs Events pages for more information.

In the event the tools are not ready as planned, or in the event that additional educational and training time is required for tool mastery at Commission on Cancer sites, we will extend the phase in period until programs are appropriately prepared for implementation. Updates will be shared with programs via email and Cancer Programs News as well as posted on the Operative Standards web page.