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Rapid Cancer Reporting System (RCRS) pilot testing will begin on August 3, 2020

We are pleased to announce that the Rapid Cancer Reporting System (RCRS) pilot testing will begin on August 3, 2020.

Over the next month the National Cancer Database (NCDB) team will be working with a select group of volunteers to complete the pilot phase of the RCRS and will incorporate their valuable feedback into subsequent versions of the RCRS with an anticipated go live of the new system in Fall 2020.

The Rapid Quality Reporting System (RQRS) and the annual NCDB Call for Data have served as vital reporting and quality improvement tools providing both real-time and long-term assessment of hospital level adherence to quality of cancer care measures for CoC-accredited cancer programs.

Beginning in Fall 2020, the Rapid Cancer Reporting System (RCRS) will replace the RQRS and the NCDB annual Call for Data submissions. With the RCRS, cancer programs will submit new, updated and completed cases for all disease sites on a frequent basis (similar to how the RQRS currently works). The RCRS will serve as the new, single source of data submission for all CoC-accredited cancer programs.

Cases submitted to the RCRS will include all disease sites from 2004 through current. The initial RCRS rollout will include the quality measures currently included in RQRS and then the RQRS will be shut down. By the end of this year the additional measures included in the Cancer Program Practice Profile Reports (CP3R) and required as part of the Commission on Cancer accreditation standards will be added to the RCRS, and the CP3R will be gradually phased out. RCRS will then be the single data platform for real time and historical quality measure performance data.

The CoC thanks those who have enthusiastically expressed their interest in supporting this important transition and we look forward to launching the Rapid Cancer Reporting System.