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Rapid Cancer Reporting System Overview

With the launch of the new RCRS platform, the Commission on Cancer's (CoC) National Cancer Database (NCDB) wanted to provide a two-part overview of the functionalities of the RCRS. An additional brief summary of remaining available reports within the RCRS appears below. For your convenience an RCRS User’s Manual and Tip Sheet as well as several training videos have been added to the RCRS Library which will be accessible after initial log in. This email will be posted to the RCRS web page.

Special Update: Due to legal review of data sharing across INCP hospitals, all “parent hospitals” in RCRS have been temporarily turned off from access until final review can be conducted. You will not be able to access parent hospitals in RCRS for now. All data may continue to be submitted at the Child FIN level.

Alerts Report

Provides an overview and detailed information regarding cases with outstanding alerts and the associated edit error(s) where applicable.

  • Will load initial page blank
  • Must choose Dx Year and Measure to load data
  • Alerts will include records that are awaiting adjuvant therapy
  • Links to access Notes, Case Details and Treatment Summary available by scrolling to right

Positive Feedback from Pilot Group:

  • Ability to go directly from Alerts or Case Log to the specific case

Quality Measures Report

Provides details for all quality measures and contains three quadrants: Quality Measures, Case Detail by Cases Overall and Case List.

  • Multiple summary views to choose from- table, trend, and bar chart
  • One-stop-shop for all CoC quality measures
  • Review compliance with Accreditation Standard 7.1

Positive Feedback from Pilot Group:

  • Love the ease of adding notes.
  • Nice to be able to see EPRs for distinct years, similar to CP3R, instead of the rolling calendar year like RQRS.
  • I do like when you click the box if there are non-compliant cases it did show for one on the bottom.

Comparisons Report

Allows users to view different performance rates for quality measures and compare the rates from my facility to other, aggregated peer facilities.

  • Multiple summary views to choose from either table, bar or line chart 
  • Performance report viewable by stratification: age, education, income, insurance, race and sex

Positive Feedback from Pilot Group:

  • Love the ability to have the Performance Rate Comparisons up in one screen and also be able to view the Performance Rate By Stratifications in the same view and then just be able to pick a different measure to view.

Case Notes

Allows entering and retrieving notes on individual cases with no pass key required.

  • Add/Edit case level notes through Case Log, Quality Measures or Alerts reports
  • Additional notes for a given case are added to the end of the existing note
  • Notes from RQRS will need to be manually copied into RCRS by December 31, 2020

Positive Feedback from Pilot Group:

  • Love the ease of adding notes

Treatment Summary

Provides a quick view of case ID, tumor characteristics, AJCC staging and treatment summary.

  • View of complete staging and treatment entered
  • Accessible by link in the Alerts and Quality Measure reports
  • Update this document by resubmitting case data to RCRS

For questions regarding logging in or tech support, contact

For questions regarding data, STORE manual instructions or quality measures, contact