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Expected Changes for the New Rapid Cancer Reporting System (RCRS)

In response to the valued feedback from our accredited cancer programs, the Commission on Cancer's (CoC) National Cancer Database (NCDB) is launching a significant improvement to our technological infrastructure. Anticipated the summer of 2020, the new Rapid Cancer Reporting System (RCRS) will replace the Rapid Quality Reporting System (RQRS) and NCDB annual Call for Data submissions. With RCRS, cancer programs will submit new and updated cases on a frequent basis (similar to the current RQRS procedure) and the annual NCDB Call for Data will be phased out. RCRS will serve as the new, single source of data submission for all CoC-accredited hospital registries.

Highlights of expected changes with the new RCRS will include:

  • Single platform for real time data submission
  • No more Call for Data for completed cases
  • All new and updated cases, for all disease sites, since last submission (e.g., monthly)
  • .Dat File format only
  • File size < 150 MB
  • No zipped files
  • RCRS extract software will include all sites and all years (2004-present)
  • Submitted data will pass through two sets of edits upon submission:
    • Cases will need to pass RCRS edits for successful submission and inclusion in alerts and quality measures
    • After treatment, cases will need to pass Call for Data edits to be included in NCDB annual reporting tools
  • Cases may be submitted multiple times
  • The most recent case will be used
  • RQRS case notes will not automatically transfer into RCRS; registrars will need to copy over any needed notes into the new system

In the next few months, the NCDB team will be working with a select group of volunteers to complete the pilot phase of RCRS and will incorporate their valuable feedback into the initial release version of RCRS. In the meantime, keep an eye on your email and the ACS Cancer Programs newsletter, Cancer Program News, published every other Thursday, for the latest updates on RCRS. All communications will be archived and available on the RCRS page of the Cancer Programs website.