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2017 Data Now Available in NCDB Reporting Tools

We are pleased to announce the National Cancer Database (NCDB) reporting tools have been updated to include cases diagnosed in 2017. This update also includes newly-diagnosed or updated cases for earlier diagnosis years submitted by Commission on Cancer (CoC)-accredited cancer programs during the 2019 NCDB Call for Data. Updated data has been published in:

  • Hospital Comparison Benchmark Reports - 2008-2017
  • Survival Reports - 5 year survival data available for cases dx through 2012
  • Public NCDB Benchmark Reports - 2008-2017 

Users are now able to view 2017 diagnoses in Hospital Comparison Benchmark Reports and the Public NCDB Benchmark Reports as well as calculate 5-year survival for cases diagnosed through 2012. 

All of the NCDB tools are generated from an annual snapshot based on the new and updated data submitted during the latest year's Call for Data. Our staff diligently conducts multiple, quality assurance checks to ensure that the data are accurately processed, and the reporting tools are updated for CoC hospitals. This year's analysis took longer than expected; however, valid reporting tools require reliable and accurate data. 

The CoC and NCDB would like to collectively thank our hospital registrars for their perseverance and excellence in collecting and reporting high quality data during these difficult times. Without the continued level of dedication demonstrated by hospital registrars in the United States we would not be able to provide these valuable resources to our CoC-accredited cancer programs. We are all in this together! 

Please contact the NCDB if you have any questions or concerns at