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Adding Value to Your NAPBC Accreditation

Dear National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC) Breast Program Colleagues:

Earlier this year many of you participated in a survey asking your opinions on the value of NAPBC Accreditation and how we can enhance that value moving forward. In June we shared the results from the survey. As a reminder, completion of the survey counted towards compliance with one of the two studies required under Standard 6.1 – Quality and Outcomes. Thank you again to those 288 centers that participated in the survey; helping us achieve at 48% response rate. The NAPBC Task Force overseeing the survey and its analysis, along with the NAPBC Board, were very pleased with the overall positive results.

A second step in the process involved personal interviews by members of the task force with representatives from 20 programs that agreed to be contacted. The interviews were targeted at centers who responded positively to the survey along with those who expressed some concerns relative to the value of the NAPBC. This additional feedback was invaluable to the NAPBC.

What we heard

  • Centers feel accreditation raises the quality of care in the community, creates teamwork and leads to better care coordination, the standards and survey process holds the team accountable and helps validate and identify the need for changes and program improvements, and provides marketing and recognition opportunities.
  • Although accreditation is valuable and elevates care, meeting the standards and documenting them can sometimes feel like busy work. Concern was expressed with variability and inconsistency of site reviewers, and a need to freshen the standards so they are challenging and on the cutting edge was expressed.
  • Centers would appreciate more resources and webinars to support the standards and accreditation processes, creation of a best practices repository to learn from other centers, provide more quality metrics and benchmarks to measure quality of care, and increased public recognition and recognition of NAPBC accreditation by payers/CMS.

How we are responding

  • Three work groups have been formed and work is currently underway to review and revise the NAPBC standards to support better patient outcomes. The revised standards will be open to public comment, and intensive training and education for centers and site reviewers will be developed prior to implementation.
  • We are working to identify quality metrics to help centers measure the quality of care they deliver along with reporting mechanisms that show center performance as compared to all NAPBC accredited centers.
  • We are launching a best practices webinar series beginning in November with more educational programming planned for 2021.
  • We are working with our internal communications team to develop strategies to increase the visibility and value of NAPBC accreditation with the public and with payers and regulatory agencies.

Our goal is to follow up with you in the next 6-months with our progress toward these initiatives to ensure that we are continuing to build value for your breast center. Thank you for your participation in the NAPBC. We look forward to continuing to meet your needs and enhance the quality of breast care delivery. As usual, please feel free to be in touch with me, the NAPBC Vice-Chair Dr. Katharine Yao, or the staff with your thoughts and comments. We want this to be an ongoing dialogue and recognize the importance of delivering value to our accredited centers.

Scott H. Kurtzman, MD, FACS
Chair, National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers