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Release of CP3R and Updates Required for CQIP Release

We are pleased to announce that the Commission on Cancer (CoC) National Cancer Database (NCDB) Cancer Program Practice Profile Reports (CP3R) have been updated to include cases diagnosed in 2017. This update also includes newly-diagnosed or updated cases for earlier diagnosis years submitted by CoC-accredited cancer programs during the 2019 NCDB Call for Data. Authorized users from CoC-accredited cancer programs are now able to view 2017 diagnoses in the CP3R from the National Cancer Database (NCDB) Reporting Tools link in CoC Datalinks. Updates to the Hospital Comparison Benchmark Reports, the Public NCDB Benchmark Reports, Survival Reports, and Participant User Files are being finalized and will be released in the coming weeks. Diagnosis years through 2012 have five years of follow up data and will be included in these reports. Each of the NCDB tools include new and updated data submitted during the latest year's Call for Data. Our staff diligently conducts multiple, quality assessments to ensure that the data in the NCDB tools is accurate for use by CoC-accredited cancer programs.

The CoC and NCDB would like to thank the cancer registrar community for their dedication to collecting and submitting quality data and for managing the multitude of changes that have been introduced these past few years. Your continued diligence and dedication contribute to the CoC's efforts to monitor, improve, and ensure quality cancer care delivery across the country.

Cancer Quality Improvement Program (CQIP) Report

The Commission on Cancer (CoC) National Cancer Database (NCDB) is currently preparing the 2019 Cancer Quality Improvement Program (CQIP) Reports for CoC-accredited cancer programs. This report will include estimated performance rates (EPRs) for cases diagnosed in 2017 for all quality measures reported in CP3R. EPRs from the CP3R as of April 24, 2020 will be reported in the 2019 CQIP Report. We recommend programs focus their initial efforts on the review and correction of "Incomplete" or "Non-concordant" 2017 in CP3R to ensure the accuracy of EPRs reported in the 2019 CQIP Report. Please contact the NCDB if you have any questions or concerns at