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2018 Data Now Available in NCDB Reporting Tools

We are pleased to announce the National Cancer Database (NCDB) reporting tools have been updated to include cases diagnosed in 2018. This update also includes newly diagnosed or updated cases for earlier diagnosis years submitted by CoC-accredited cancer programs during the 2020 NCDB Call for Data. Updated data has been published in:

  • NCDB Hospital Comparison Benchmark Reports - 2009-2018
  • Public NCDB Benchmark Reports - 2009-2018
  • NCDB Survival Reports - 5-year survival data available for cases dx through 2013
  • NCDB Data Completeness Reports for Cases Diagnosed in 2018
  • Site by Stage Case Distribution Report

Note: NCDB Survival Reports are not available for Network Parent FIN’s.

Cancer Quality Improvement Program (CQIP) Report

The Commission on Cancer (CoC) National Cancer Database (NCDB) is preparing the 2020 Cancer Quality Improvement Program (CQIP) Report for CoC-accredited cancer programs. The quality measures and estimated performance rates (EPRs) included in the report will come from data submitted to the Rapid Cancer Reporting System (RCRS) for the following sites:

  • Breast (5) – (BCSRT, MAC, HT, MASRT, nBx)
  • Colon (2) – (ACT, 12RLN)
  • Gastric (1) – (G15RLN)
  • Non-Small Cell Lung (2) – (LCT, LNoSurg)
  • Rectum (1) – (RECRTCT)

Cancer Programs have until March 3, 2021 to review and update 2018 cases (if needed) at which time the 2020 CQIP Report will be released.

Use the following steps to review and update your 2018 quality measure EPRs in RCRS by March 3, 2021:

  1. Log in to RCRS.
  2. Navigate to the RCRS Library and use the “Locating CQIP cases in RCRS” document to identify the cases to update in the registry software.
  3. Review the “How to submit data to RCRS” document in the RCRS Library to resubmit updated cases to RCRS to update the CQIP Report.

We recommend programs focus their initial efforts on the review and correction of "Incomplete" or "Non-concordant" 2018 cases in RCRS to ensure the accuracy of EPRs reported in the 2020 CQIP Report.

The Commission on Cancer (CoC) and NCDB would like to collectively thank our hospital registrars for their perseverance and excellence in collecting and reporting high quality data during these difficult times. Without the continued level of dedication demonstrated by hospital registrars in the United States we would not be able to provide these valuable resources to our CoC-accredited cancer programs.

Please contact the NCDB if you have any questions or concerns at