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Countdown to Quality and Safety Conference VIRTUAL

ACS Quality and Safety Conference Sessions Focus on Staging, Hybrid Cancer Care

This week, we highlight two sessions that address the importance of staging and hybrid cancer care. Register today to take advantage of this free educational event and to attend these and other important cancer-related sessions.

Alexander Olawaiye, MD, FACS, Chair, American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) Education and Promotions Committee, will moderate the session titled, "From Staging to Outcomes: Why Bother?" Dr. Olawaiye will introduce the topic by sharing the historical perspective of the importance of AJCC staging and highlight important changes to the staging of cancer of the cervix uteri in his presentation titled, "Cervical Cancer Staging: What Is New?" Stephen Edge, MD, FACS, member, AJCC Education and Promotions Committee, will present "Breast Cancer Staging: Where Are We Going?" The session will conclude with abstract presentations. The first abstract, "Improving Electronic Medical Record Documentation of Genomic Test Scores for Breast Cancer Patients," will be presented by Lindsay Petersen, MD. This abstract will be followed by "Improving Turnaround Time for Oncotype Dx," presented by Thomas Collins, MBA, CSSBB.

"Hybrid Cancer Care: Wave of the Future" will be moderated by Kimberly Dalal, MD, FACS, member, Commission on Cancer (CoC) Education Committee. Dr. Dalal will highlight the importance of bringing cancer care to the patient and improving access to care in rural settings. Timothy Mullett, MD, MBA, FACS, Chair, Commission on Cancer, will share experiences with hybrid cancer care in a large health care network. The session will conclude with two abstract presentations on hybrid care. The first, "COVID-19 and Integrative Therapies: Continuing Patient-Centered Care," will be presented by Virginia Shaffer, MA, EdS. The second abstract, "Radical Cystectomy Postoperative Occurrences at a Low-Volume Campus of a Tertiary Referral Center" will be presented by Sean Collins, MD.

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