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Cancer Research Program

Neoadjuvant Immunotherapy: Results in Melanoma Show Promise and Pave the Way for Other Solid Tumors

In the April issue of the Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons, authors from the American College of Surgeons Cancer Research Program (ACS CRP) discuss neoadjuvant immunotherapy trials in melanoma and how these trials are rapidly changing clinical practice. Not unlike the integration of radiation and/or chemotherapeutic strategies, the use of immunotherapeutic agents is transforming the operative management of patients with solid tumors. Modern immunotherapy began as single-agent therapy in patients with widely metastatic disease in just a few types of cancer, whereas today, hundreds of different agents targeting various aspects of the anti-tumor immune response are being tested in all phases of clinical trials across different cancer histologies. There are still unanswered questions in this field; however, the sheer magnitude of progress in this realm in a short amount of time and translation across disease groups has provided much hope for patients.