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In every issue, you’ll find the latest news and updates from all ACS Cancer Programs, including the Commission on Cancer (CoC), National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC), National Accreditation Program for Rectal Cancer (NAPRC), National Cancer Database (NCDB), American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC), and the ACS Clinical Research Program (ACS CRP). Cancer Programs News will feature a regular column from Medical Director Heidi Nelson, MD, FACS, as well as profiles of program volunteers, member organizations, and staff. We also plan to showcase bylined articles authored by our volunteers and members on a wide range of diverse topics, including meeting highlights, tips for managing the accreditation process, best practices and innovations, and the latest research.


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Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons

ACS Clinical Research Program column

The Brief

The Brief has been retired. Below you will find archived issues of The Brief, which offered the latest in cancer news and important information from the ACS Cancer Programs.

Archived Issues

Updates and Alerts


CoC Cancer Liaison Program Tools and Resources (5/19/20)

COVID-19 Pandemic Breast Cancer Consortium Develops Considerations for Re-entry (5/15/20)

Reminder: Please Complete the CLP Survey by Friday, May 15, 2020 (5/13/20)

Cancer Programs Educational Needs Assessment (5/12/20, Reminder sent 5/19/20)

Update on Implementation of CoC Operative Standards (5/11/20)

NCDB Releases Completeness and Default Overuse Report.(5/4/20)

American College of Surgeons - Member Password Access Changes Effective 5/1/2020 9:00 am CT (5/1/20)

NAPBC Offers Patient Template Letter Regarding COVID-19 Treatment Delays (4/28/20)

CROWN Study: COVID-19-Related Oncologist's Concerns about Treatment Delays (4/24/20, Reminder sent 5/8/20)

2017 Data Now Available in NCDB Reporting Tools (4/23/20)

New ACS Cancer Programs Guidelines for Surgery During COVID-19 Acute and Recovery Phases (4/23/20)

Expected Changes for the New Rapid Cancer Reporting System (RCRS) (4/22/20)

NCDB Call for Data Deadline Extended (4/21/20)

COVID-19 WEBINAR: Cancer Management Challenges—Using Virtual Tumor Boards (4/21/20; Reminder sent 4/22/20)

Introducing NCDB's New Rapid Cancer Reporting System (RCRS) (4/17/20)

COVID-19 WEBINAR: Cancer Care Delays: What They Mean to You and Your Patients - Town Hall (4/13/20; Reminders sent 4/14/20 and 4/15/20)

On behalf of Christina Lucara of ASBrS: "COVID-19 Pandemic Breast Cancer Consortium" Webinar (4/9/20) (Reminders sent 4/10/20 and 4/13/20)

Recommendations for Prioritization, Treatment & Triage of Breast Cancer Patients During COVID-19 (4/8/20)

COVID-19 Webinar—Cancer Care Delays What They Mean to You and Your Patients (4/7/20; Reminder sent 4/8/20)

Important Update for Cancer Accreditation Programs (4/7/20)

Release of CP3R and updates required for CQIP release (4/6/20)

Deadline Extended: Cancer Liaison Program Resource Development (4/2/20)

ACS Cancer Programs FAQ Addresses Site Visit Postponements (3/31/20)

ACS Cancer Programs COVID-19 Resources Update (3/30/20)

ACS Cancer Accreditation Programs Conference Rescheduled for December 2–4, 2020 (3/30/20)

ACS Cancer Programs COVID-19 Resources Update (3/27/20)

ACS Clinical Research Program Resource Development for Commission on Cancer (3/26/20)

ACS Cancer Programs COVID-19 Resources Update (3/26/20)

ACS Cancer Programs COVID-19 Resources Update (3/25/20)

American College of Surgeons (ACS) Accreditation and Verification Programs Grant One Year Extensions (3/24/20)

Cancer Liaison Program Resource Development (3/19/20)

Important Information for Our Cancer Accreditation Programs (3/13/20)

Postponed: ACS Cancer Accreditation Programs 2020: New Content for a New Decade (3/12/20)

Commission on Cancer Operative Standards Update (3/10/20)

NCDB Tools Function is Restored (3/6/20)

New Social Media Profiles for Cancer Programs (3/5/20)

Deadline Extended to March 9 Commission on Cancer's (CoC) Quality Measures (3/5/20)

Reminder Please Complete this NAPBC Survey by March 13 (3/2/20)

NAPBC Annual Report (2/27/20)

Commission on Cancer's (CoC) Quality Measures (2/27/20)

API Transition (2/21/20)

Reminder Please Complete this NAPBC Survey by February 28 (2/19/20)

Updating the CLP Role in CoC Datalinks (2/18/20)

Please Complete this NAPBC Survey by February 28 (2/4/20)

API Transition (1/17/20)

Update on Resources for Implementation of the CoC Operative Standards for Accreditation (1/9/20)


The NCDB PUF Application Is Now Open (9/18/19)

NCDB News—RQRS Updates and Cancer Status (8/15/19)

Important Fee Information: No Increase in Accreditation Fees for 2020 (8/6/19)

NCDB News—RQRS Updates (7/18/19)

NCDB News—NCDB Clarification on Coding NAACCR Data Item 756 Tumor Size Summary When No Size Is Given (7/9/19)

NCDB News—NCDB Clarification to CTR Radiation Coding Guide—Coding SAVI equipment for Brachytherapy (7/3/19)

NCDB: The Corner STORE—NCDB RQRS User Guide Updated (6/27/19)

NCDB: The Corner STORE—NCDB Reporting Tools (6/6/19)

NCDB: The Corner STORE—RQRS Update (5/30/19)

NCDB: The Corner STORE—2019 NCDB Call for Data and NCRA Speakers (5/16/19)

NCDB: The Corner STORE—Clarification for the Use of Code 86 for Radiation Primary Treatment Volume (5/9/19)

NCDB: The Corner STORE—RQRS and NCDB Update (5/2/19)

NCDB: The Corner STORE—NCDB Metafile Update (4/25/19)

NCDB: The Corner STORE—Tracking NCDB/RQRS Submissions, CTR Guide to Coding Radiation Therapy (4/18/19)

Update on Cancer Registry Data Collection for 2020 (4/11/2019)

NCDB: The Corner STORE—NCDB Metafile Update (4/11/2019)

NCDB: The Corner STORE—I-131 for Thyroid (4/4/2019)

NCDB: The Corner STORE—CTR Guide to Coding Radiation Therapy and Call for Data 2019 GenEDITS Plus 5 (3/28/2019)

NCDB: The Corner STORE—NCDB: 2019 Call for Data Announcement, CQIP and Survival Report Released (3/21/2019)

NCDB: The Corner STORE (3/7/2019)

NCDB: The Corner STORE (2/28/2019)

2015 Special Study Results Published (2/8/2019)

NCDB: The Corner STORE (2/7/2019)

Experience Rosemont While Attending the Cluster Programs (1/23/2019)

NCDB: The Corner STORE (1/10/2019)

2019 Program Activity Record (PAR) Release (1/8/2019)

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