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Quality Cancer Tools

The National Cancer Database (NCDB) maintains a number of web-based data applications that have been developed to promote access to NCDB data. These tools are for use by Commission on Cancer (CoC)-accredited programs as a means by which to evaluate and compare the cancer care delivered to patients diagnosed and/or treated at their facility with that provided at the state, regional, and national levels.

Download the National Cancer Database Tools 2021 Brochure

Each of these reporting applications requires a log-in, and can be accessed through the CoC Datalinks portal.

NCDB Hospital Comparison Benchmark Reports (HCBR)

This application provides end-users with descriptive reports for many types of cancers diagnosed within the last 10 years captured in the NCDB. These reports include summaries on patient demographics, treatment, and stage, which can be queried for your facility as well as all Coe-accredited facilities at the state, regional, or national levels. Stage is based on NCDB's best stage, which represents a combination of AJCC pathologic stage over clinical stage.

NCDB Survival Reports

This application calculates overall and unadjusted observed survival rates stratified by stage, sex, age group, or comorbidity score for all cancer sites. Stage is based on NCDB's best stage, which represents a combination of AJCC pathologic stage over clinical stage.

NCDB Rapid Cancer Reporting System (RCRS)

This application launched in September 2020 and is the source of both historical and real-time data used to assess quality measure performance. A case log report and alerts summaries assist registries with data quality efforts and treatment follow-up.

Cancer Quality Improvement Program (CQIP)

This PowerPoint report is issued annually and summarizes data from the HCBR, NCDB Survival Reports, and the RCRS. It also includes operative mortality and risk-adjusted survival reports.

NCDB Completeness Reports

This application provides feedback to Coe-accredited facilities about submission of missing, unknown, or nonspecific information for NCDB required data items.

Site by Stage Distribution Reports

This application enables facilities to obtain an overview of the number of cases by primary site and sub-sites as well primary site by stage. Case-level details are also provided for each primary site and stage.

Participant User Files (PUF)

The PUF is a source of data that allows researchers at Coe-accredited facilities to review and improve the quality of care delivered to cancer patients through analyses of cases reported to the NCDB.