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NCDB Policy on Public Reporting of Data Generated from Quality Tools

The Commission on Cancer (CoC) and the National Cancer Database (NCDB) developed the NCDB Quality Reporting Tools to provide CoC-accredited cancer programs with mechanisms to evaluate the cancer care delivered to their patients and assess comparatively to those treated at other CoC-accredited programs. The information generated from these useful tools has been developed to allow CoC programs to perform internal quality review and monitoring of care.

The American College of Surgeons holds copyrights for all text, tables, figures, and data generated by or featured within the NCDB Quality Tools including the NCDB Hospital Comparison Benchmark Reports, Survival Reports, Cancer Quality Improvement Program (CQIP), and Public Benchmark Reports.

Per CoC and NCDB policies, the accredited cancer program may use this data for:

  • Internal quality improvement and assurance involving the cancer program and hospital
  • Identifying and reporting the need for cancer prevention programs
  • Identifying areas for cancer screening programs
  • Justifying grants for the institution
  • Responding to state cancer care plans, or patient or program outcomes, advocacy, medical education, and patient education

CoC-accredited programs are able to use the NCDB Reporting Tools and data to meet certain criteria for Standard 1.12 Public Reporting of Outcomes by publically reporting information based on data from NCDB Reporting Tools.

Note. When confidence intervals or statistical significance levels are reported in the application they are required to be included in any internal or external report. If any changes are made to the data as reported the American College of Surgeons and the CoC will not verify the changes and are not responsible for conclusions drawn from the modification.

Members of CoC-accredited cancer programs are able to reproduce NCDB text, tables, and figures to develop print or electronic reports to be distributed to patients and public—including annual reports, public websites, community outreach brochures, and announcements of CoC-accreditation and authors of abstracts, articles, or chapters of scientific meetings, medical journals or books that utilize or present NCDB data if they follow the approved uses and the guidelines in the Terms and Conditions.

Public Reporting of NCDB Data*

Request type


Approved Uses Reporting of NCDB Data

Reporting of individual program benchmark information

Benchmark Reports, CQIP

Comparison of benchmark data to similar types of cancer programs

Benchmark Reports

Comparisons to cancer program’s state, ACS region or all CoC

Benchmark Reports, CQIP

Annual or quarterly program compliance with Accountability and Quality Improvement (A/QI) measures including confidence interval and interpretation


Comparison of annual or quarterly program compliance with A/QI measures to similar types of cancer programs including confidence interval and interpretation


Comparison of annual or quarterly program compliance with A/QI measures to cancer program’s state, ACS region or all CoC including confidence interval and interpretation


Research articles utilizing NCDB data

CQIP, RCRS, Benchmarks, CQIP

Non-Approved Reporting of NCDB Data

Survival rates

Survival Reports, CQIP

Surveillance measures rates


Year-to-date compliance rates (no confidence intervals available)


Heat map


Completeness of registry data

Completeness and Default Overuse Report

*Table may not contain all potential reporting. Please direct all questions and enquiries to report any NCDB data to

For any questions about the reporting policies or the information above, please direct all questions to