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Cancer Programs Staff Information

633 N. Saint Clair Street
Chicago, IL 60611-3295
Phone: 312-202-5085
Fax: 312-202-5009
Staff available during business hours
Monday–Friday, 8:00 am–4:15 pm (Central Time)

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Cancer Programs

Heidi Nelson, MD, FACS
Medical Director

Connie Bura
Administrative Director

Danielle Lopez
Senior Administrative Assistant

Commission on Cancer, Accreditation and Standards

General CoC inquiries:

CoC Datalinks inquiries:

CoC Accreditation Programs: 312-202-5103

For questions, please use the Contact CoC form.

Standard-related questions: Please review or submit question via the CAnswer Forum website.


Asa Carter
CoC Senior Manager

Vicki Chiappetta
Accreditation Technical Specialist

Erin DeKoster
Accreditation Technical Specialist

Lauren Dyer
Accreditation Technical Specialist

Carolyn Jones
Accreditation Technical Specialist

Susan Rubin
Accreditation Technical Specialist

Karen Stachon
Accreditation Technical Specialist

Carol Woody
Accreditation Technical Specialist

Melissa Howard
Administrative & Customer Service Coordinator

American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC)

AJCC inquiries:


Martin Madera

Kathy Conklin
Technical Developer

Chantel Ellis
Education and Product Development Administrator

Donna Gress
Technical Specialist

Judith Janes

Ashley Yannello
Electronic Production Administrator

Clinical Research Program

Clinical Research Program Inquiries:


Amanda Francescatti
Senior Manager

Anne McCarthy
Project Manager

Zahed Mohammed

Cancer Liaison Initiatives

Cancer Liaison Initiatives and Cancer Liaison Physician inquiries:

Education and Promotions

For questions, please use the Contact CoC form.


Andrea Scrementi

National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC)

NAPBC inquiries:

General inquiries: 312-202-5185


Asa Carter
Senior Manager

Karen Taubert-Boone
Program Coordinator

National Cancer Database (NCDB)

NCDB inquiries (CP3R, Survival, Benchmarks, Completeness and Default Overuse Report, FORDS coding, NCDB Call for Data):

Cancer Quality Improvement Program (CQIP) inquiries:

Rapid Quality Reporting System (RQRS) inquiries:

Participant Use File (PUF) inquiries:

For any other questions, please use the Contact CoC form.


Ryan McCabe
Senior Manager

Susanne Kessler
Manager, Information and Data Standards

NCDB Data Standards

Delores Akins
User Support Specialist

Lianne Babaran
User Support Specialist

Jeff Reed
Database/ETL Developer

NCDB Research Unit

Kathy Mallin
Senior Statistician

Bryan Palis
Senior Statistician, Project Manager

Amanda Browner

Elizabeth Wawszczak
Business Analyst

NCDB Information Technology

Kenneth Pristas
Manager, Information Technology

Dmitry Eremin
Senior Developer

Natalie Goodwin
Software Developer