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Commission on Cancer State Chair


CoC State Chairs serve as representatives of the CoC by providing leadership and support to CoC-accredited programs and Cancer Liaison Physicians (CLPs) in their state or region. They are collaborators, innovators, and experts working with cancer programs, cancer professionals, the American Cancer Society and Comprehensive Cancer Control Coalitions to improve the quality of cancer care.

Appointment Process

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) Chapter Council nominates the individual to be appointed by the CoC to the role of CoC State Chair. CoC State Chairs are appointed to a three-year term and can be reappointed based on performance. If you are interested in becoming a CoC State Chair, please contact your ACS Chapter President.


The individual assuming the responsibility of CoC State Chair must:

  • Be an ACS Fellow or is currently applying for Fellowship
  • Be on staff at CoC-accredited cancer program
  • Have a strong commitment to the goals of the Cancer Liaison Program and the CoC.
  • Support and participate in collaborative initiatives and activities that take place between the CoC and the American Cancer Society.
  • Actively participate and serve as a member of the ACS Chapter Council by reporting on the activities of the CoC, and facilitating activities of the chapter related to cancer.
  • Lead state cancer control activities, including participation in the state’s Comprehensive Cancer Control Coalition.

An individual who serves, or has served, as a Cancer Liaison Physician is preferred.

Current CoC State Chairs

Current CoC State Chairs can access tools and resources such as Cancer Liaison Physician (CLP) Contact Information, complete the CoC State Chair Activity Report, review scheduled surveys, and access National Cancer Database tools in CoC Datalinks. In the event you forget your password, please visit the Member Login page to use the Forgot User Name or Password feature to reset your password.

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